How to remove tweets quickly and easily

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How to remove tweets quickly and easily

Why would you remove your old tweets?

Apart from removing your old tweets to refresh your Twitter timeline a little bit, there are many good reasons to remove your old tweets from your twitter profile. When you use twitter a lot, it can be easy to forget about all the old tweets you’ve posted a long time ago which can become fairly dangerous in some circumstances. Most people had very different views when they were younger and may have tweeted some stuff that absolutely wouldn’t fly in today’s age. Many famous and well-known people have been getting in trouble for some of their old tweets after people began digging up some of their Twitter histories and revealing some insensitive or offensive tweets. You might think that you won’t get in trouble for stuff like that because you aren’t as well known as some of these people but in reality, ordinary people have been getting in trouble for old stuff they said online just as much as famous people. When you’re applying to a new job, almost every modern company does a full scan of all your social media channels, including your old tweets. If they find something that’s extremely offensive or something that just doesn’t align with the views of the company, they likely decide to just not hire you. Most people that have had this happened to them don’t even know that this is the reason they weren’t hired by the company. These reasons probably made you well aware of what the dangers are of not removing old offensive tweets. It isn’t that easy, however, and especially when you’ve got thousands of tweets. That’s why we’ll explain some ways in this article.

How to remove your old tweets

There are many ways of removing your old tweets from your twitter profile. While you can, of course, remove every one of your tweets individually, this is not very practical so we won’t recommend that. Nowadays there are many services that will help you remove your old tweets, some will simply remove all of them for you in bulk so you don’t have to remove every one of them individually. Other, like Will My Tweets Get Me Fired, will find all the tweets on your profile that could be seen as offensive or wrong and displays those for you to choose if you would like to remove or keep them. Willmytweetsgetmefired.com uses the same methods that employers use as Will My Tweets Get Me Fired simply goes through your entire profile on Twitter and finds the questionable tweets. Using this service, you are able to keep all the other old tweets that aren’t harmful and only need to remove the select few that could be dangerous for your career.

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