Social media scrubbers: How to clean your social media accounts from offensive posts

Read the blogpost below to get to know how to clean and scrub your social media accounts
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How to clean your Twitter accounts from offensive posts
If you spend a lot of time on social media like most people, you probably have a very large catalog of posts from all the years you’ve had these accounts. Many people don’t realize this or just don’t think about it but it’s very easy to search these posts for offensive content. This happens more and more and you might not even realize it has happened to you. Employers are nowadays almost always scanning your social media account to look for offensive posts or posts that don’t align with the company’s philosophy. It might seem weird, but it is understandable once you think about it. Many people have been getting in trouble lately for homophobic, racist or other offensive tweets that have resurfaced. Their employers likely also faced some controversy for hiring these people and that can be very damaging to a company’s brand.
Tools like Willmytweetsgetmefired.com are trying to prevent issues like these to happen in the future and to you. Social media scrubbers scan your social media account for old posts that might be offensive or hurtful and lets you delete these posts. Using Willmytweetsgetmefired.com, you can scan all of your tweets for just $2.99 and it may even prevent you from losing your job over a stupid tweet you’d sent when you were a teenager. Scan your tweets now and find out!

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